Benefits of Oracle Self-Service Human Resources in Fusion HCM

Oracle Self-Service Human Resources enables your workforce to update and use employee information through an online browser that is personalized to an individual role, work content, experience, language, and information requirements. By allowing employees and managers to access and maintain information and transactions in a paperless environment, you can streamline business processes, lower costs, and increase service. With employees and managers empowered to update and maintain their information, HR professionals can now move from being transaction processors to consultative partners.

Integrate and Streamline Your Human Resource Processes, Oracle Self-Service Human Resource is a part of Oracle Fusion HCM family of applications and integrates seamlessly with other HR applications including Core Human Resources, Learning Management, HR Intelligence, Performance Management, and Compensation Workbench.

The following are the benefits of the Fusion Self-Service HR

Work from a Unique Source of TruthImprove accuracy and timeliness by offering both employees and managers a single point of entry to all your human resource data and processes. Distribute workforce intelligence to those who need HR professionals, IT managers, and executives. Use embedded online advice to lower issues.

Information Drive Employee Self ServiceAllow employees to control everything from profiles including employee skills, contact details, resumes, bank information to learning, payroll, benefits, and other, through self-service portals. Authorize employees to manage their own data including employee profiles, expenses, benefits, and other in their language.

Empower ManagersAllow managers to perform transfers, employee training enrollment, skill searches, terminations, and much more. They even manage the recruiting process.

Support Career DevelopmentOffer employee access to targeted training and job opportunities. Permit the managers to graphically search for suitably skilled employees and make them work and enroll them in training courses.

Speed Processes with Workflow – Course information of any type according to user-defined business rules. Deliver reports, approval requests, and status messages to approvers in sequence via workflow. Support large numbers of transactions including legislative process.


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