Fixed Assets Overview

Assets management is very important in financial management. Right planning for the assets only leads to improved business productivity and performance. Oracle Fusion Financial offers various measures of Asset management features which are mentioned below.

  1. Asset Dashboard: In Oracle Fusion financial assets are managed from a central location. The user can monitor the details of incoming assets from multiple sources like Fusion Projects, outsourced agencies, Fusion Payables and see the value, depreciation, cost incurred, closing details etc instantly. It can also assign assets to multiple lines for making the right balances and checks. By handling the large volume asset data it enhances the productivity in the system.
  2. Drafting the Asset Information: Oracle Fusion Financial quickly acquires the multiple asset information and saves them in the draft so that the user can access the fact and figures immediately after logging in the system. It helps in keeping the track of all assets and beating the overloading of paper work. It is done from a central location to avoid closing from multiple pages.
  3. Draft Asset Retirements: In oracle Fusion Financial the addition of asset retirements are very quick even if minimal information is there. It captures the data until the full information is made available and eliminates the involvement of paper work at the office. It is also managed for a main location so there are no delays in closing the book.
  4. Report Making: The user can obtain the desired information for a particular entry in the system by different search options available. With this planning and execution become hassle free. Multiple reports can also be extracted for various sources.

Hence Oracle Fusion financial offers strong support for the asset management in the accounting book and user gets multiple options to choose from a variety of sources. Right decisions can be obtained on the basis of the findings.

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