How Oracle Fusion Financials can be Deployed

Oracle Fusion Financial is a unique tool for the proper financial management for firms. Its various modules like ledger accounting, Payable management, Receivable Management, Supply Chain Management, Cash Management help in running the processes in the firm in the most productive manner. Oracle offers 3 ways through which it can be deployed. List is as under.

  1. Public Cloud: Here Oracle Fusion Financial will be implemented with the help of Oracle Cloud service. It gives the user seamless experience of handling the processes. Its salient features are as below.
  • Highest level i.e. 99.5 % availability
  • It gives the virtual tenancy
  • Standard Disaster Recovery Mechanism
  • Strong Backup Measures
  • Good Production Climate
  • Updated interface
  • Flexible Capacity and Adaptation
  • Central control and monitoring

License can be issued for user’s name only and less customization option are available. It has to be upgraded if the user wants to make it compatible with other Oracle applications.

  1. Private Cloud: In this system the user gets in built infrastructure and data center from Oracle itself. User gets better visibility and control on the database and information posted in the system. Following are the unique features of this option.
  • There is no restriction of name user basis
  • It offers all the functions and processes
  • It can be upgrade and extended also as per user needs
  1. On Premise: In this option the users get the application installed in their own data center. It gives the extra edge because of the own data center management. It is so customized and high in demand in the market. User can go for personalized experience. One can manage the applications and modules form a central location. It gives absolute advantage for handling different business units and their transactions. One can give instruction to the other units in a seamless manner.

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