Oracle Fusion SCM Distributed Order Orchestration

Oracle Fusion Distributed Order Orchestration (DOO)  it is an ERP-agnostic, browser-based application that works with the obtainable order to imprison and fulfillment systems to mixed with the order data, regularize the order management processes, and gave a individual, actionable view of the global order book.  Order Orchestration gives, your enterprise can set up order fulfillment to affect the operating practices, it get better efficiency and consistency of the business processes, and put into effect of the business compliance.  The Oracle Order Orchestration offers, you can pick the following options:

  • Order Orchestration
  • Order Management Business Intelligence Analytics
  • Supply Chain and Order Management Business Intelligence Analytics
  • Logistics Business Intelligence Analytics.

Oracle Fusion Distributed Order Orchestration is capable to need the orders from various systems,  and decompose them into the logical teams or the separate entities, and design a complete and economical fulfillment arrange that considers and used all the resources available in your network. This cross-system aggregation, decay, and execution make your supply process and other economical and improve your service levels. Oracle’s solution to this dilemma is Oracle Fusion Distributed Order Orchestration, is a major element of Oracle Fusion Supply Chain Management. Unlike any order to capture and order to fulfillment platform is obtainable today, Oracle Fusion Distributed Order Orchestration seek to regularize processes and data across different capture and the completion systems, yielding an individual view of the order and fulfillment information and decision.

It gives you to group data from any order of capture and order fulfillment process to make a whole order and fulfillment stage that speed up and get better in decision-making. It is an element of Oracle Fusion Applications, which are completely open, standards-based enterprise applications that can be simply included into the service-oriented structural.