Benefits of Oracle Self-Service Human Resources in Fusion HCM

Oracle Self-Service Human Resources enables your workforce to update and use employee information through an online browser that is personalized to an individual role, work content, experience, language, and information requirements. By allowing employees and managers to access and maintain information and transactions in a paperless environment, you can streamline business processes, lower costs, and increase service. With employees and managers empowered to update and maintain their information, HR professionals can now move from being transaction processors to consultative partners.

Integrate and Streamline Your Human Resource Processes, Oracle Self-Service Human Resource is a part of Oracle Fusion HCM family of applications and integrates seamlessly with other HR applications including Core Human Resources, Learning Management, HR Intelligence, Performance Management, and Compensation Workbench.

The following are the benefits of the Fusion Self-Service HR

Work from a Unique Source of TruthImprove accuracy and timeliness by offering both employees and managers a single point of entry to all your human resource data and processes. Distribute workforce intelligence to those who need HR professionals, IT managers, and executives. Use embedded online advice to lower issues.

Information Drive Employee Self ServiceAllow employees to control everything from profiles including employee skills, contact details, resumes, bank information to learning, payroll, benefits, and other, through self-service portals. Authorize employees to manage their own data including employee profiles, expenses, benefits, and other in their language.

Empower ManagersAllow managers to perform transfers, employee training enrollment, skill searches, terminations, and much more. They even manage the recruiting process.

Support Career DevelopmentOffer employee access to targeted training and job opportunities. Permit the managers to graphically search for suitably skilled employees and make them work and enroll them in training courses.

Speed Processes with Workflow – Course information of any type according to user-defined business rules. Deliver reports, approval requests, and status messages to approvers in sequence via workflow. Support large numbers of transactions including legislative process.


Oracle Fusion Cloud Procurement Training

Oracle Fusion Procurement Cloud delivers significant capabilities for procuring to pay for indirect spend, supplier qualification management, sourcing, and contracts. With the upcoming improvements arriving in Oracle Cloud ERP for comprehensive supply chain management applications and direct fusion procurement capabilities, many of our customers are looking to adopt Oracle Fusion Cloud Procurement application. This process is intended to offer an introduction to Oracle Procurement Cloud and its capabilities.

ERPTREE is a leading Oracle Fusion Cloud Procurement Training provider. We deliver a wide range of training courses with a variety of trainers. We are proud to have helped thousands of students to learn oracle fusion applications and gain rewarding new careers. Our team is available to provide real-time and placement oriented Oracle Fusion Procurement training at our institute.

We have a team of Oracle Fusion Procurement certified trainers with ten plus fusion-cloud-procurement-coachingyears of experience. Our trainer has hands-on real-time Oracle Fusion Cloud Procurement project knowledge to advise students on right career paths and study program. Our trainers deliver real-life scenarios to student’s in the classroom, to gain knowledge and practice to significantly expand your skill sets. We offer a broad range of courses in the areas of Oracle Fusion Cloud Procurement application. We provide self-paced videos and instance access for learning at our training center by our experts.

At our ERPTREE, we are equipped with modern infrastructure and technologically advanced lab facilities. We have trained more than thousands of students who have progressed as professionals in the IT industry. We offer both online training as well as classroom training on Oracle Fusion Cloud Procurement so that you can choose the schedule as per your convenience. Our team is dedicated to delivering the best oracle training to achieve career goal with guaranteed placement support.


Oracle Fusion Financials – Overview


Oracle Fusion Financials is a holistic integrated financial management tool which can dramatically automate, systematize, and monitor the control of any firm’s financial management processes. Its range will be end-to-end. It covers a wide gamut of processes and applications that are totally combined and highly integrated. It is also termed as Gen-X Suites of software applications to integrate several modules such as Portfolio Management, Customer Relationship Management (CRM), Financial Management (FM), Human Resource & Human Capital Management, Logistics & Supply Chain management (SCM), Management & Governance, Inventory Management, and Procurement Management.

It encompasses the entire range of someone’s General Ledger (GL), Account Payable and Receivables, Asses Liability Management, Collection and Payments of Account, Cash and Non Cash Management.

Oracle Fusion Financial is compatible to work with different other Oracle Fusion applications like People Soft Application, E- Business Suite and many other ongoing application portfolio. This feature actually takes the business excellence to new height of performance. It provides standardization to business productivity and efficiency. Best illustration of this is Oracle Fusion Accounting where one can integrate the existing processes with Oracle Fusion Financial and add up innovations to meet specific business requirements. It enables the user to add third party feeder system so that multiple reporting needs can be fulfilled. It encompasses IFRS, US GAAP and other local statutory reporting necessities. Some useful innovations in it are Spreadsheet Collaboration, Extensive Dashboards, Excellent Analytics, Strong allocation engines etc.

It is a great interface where one can add several applications to achieve extra business leverage with the sharp service orientation. It decreases the IT expenses and increases the efficiency and productivity with improved results. One can make the information sharing more strong with Oracle Fusion Financial without disturbing the existing processes. Even it allows the user to integrate the data from Oracle and Non Oracle environments simultaneously.




Oracle Fusion Expenses – The Complete Solution for Expense Management

Oracle Fusion Expenses is a component of Oracle Fusion Financials, which are completely open, standard-based enterprise applications that can be easily integrated into a service-oriented architecture. It is designed as an entire suite of modular applications, Oracle Fusion Applications helps you to increase performance, reduce IT costs, and get better results. Whether you choose a single module, a product family, or the entire suite, Oracle fusion enables you to gain the benefits of Fusion Applications at a speed that matches your business needs.

Oracle Fusion Expenses is a robust travel and expense solution that automates the travel spend management and establishes policy-driven controls for expense reimbursement. Oracle Fusion Expenses, is a seamless and comprehensive business solution that helps you to maintain the second largest controllable category of enterprise spend, is a module of Oracle’s Fusion Financials.

It is a complete solution for expense management that gives a financial manager the detailed information they need and employees the easy data entry options they need. The online and data spreadsheet entry options along with mobile entry and approvals lower administrative headaches while still capturing essential information for effective cost management.

Streamline Expense Processing and Reduce Costs

Oracle Fusion Expenses offers your firm with the tools to effectively maintain the travel and expense system. With flexible payment options, versatile data entry process, and personalizable user preferences, Oracle Fusion Expenses lets you submit process, approve, and pay expense reports rapidly while enforcing transparent and tight controls throughout your expense management process. The key to managing your firm’s travel spend is having accurate and actionable data when you need it. With embedded analytics, Oracle Fusion Expenses gives managers relevant information to ensure they make the better decisions when approving or auditing reports.

Oracle fusion financials cloud

Oracle fusion financials cloud is termed as one of the main application which predicts and also authorizes the financial business processes within a  loop of comprehensive cloud solution and also which is designed to automate and streamline the firm’s  financial management processes from the end-to-end user through cloud computing process.

Oracle fusion financials cloud delivers a complete solution that includes following categories simultaneously:

General Ledger




Cash Management




Oracle fusion financials cloud applications are a complete and modular set of enterprise applications, which are engineered from the ground level and which must be cloud-ready and should also to coexist seamlessly within mixed environments. Generally, with Oracle enterprise software and cloud applications, we may get the benefits of cloud computing as well as in terms of power, choice, confidence through our work overflow process. We can access the complete and best-practice business processes across functional pillars within the cloud. Oracle fusion financials cloud applications at any case we need them through corresponding to public, private, or hybrid cloud. So Global and enterprise-software cloud security are performed to meet the requirements of even the most demanding terminology in today’s world.

Benefits of Oracle fusion financials cloud:

Only Oracle fusion financials cloud offers the benefits of the enterprise-software cloud systems and as well as application services which are due to massive engineering investments in Oracle applications across the Oracle combined technology which contains basically the stack and data cloud centers.

Oracle fusion financials cloud applications provide a  high quality, customized functionality which contains the amount of full space from end to end systems by complete business processes where it will results in consistent, optimized end user experience, and with an integrated information and reporting through fusion solutions.

Oracle fusion financials cloud is an application basically, it upgrades the causes of business users to adapt it very easily with some changes and even they can customize it by their own experience.

Oracle fusion financials cloud provides more choices on how to build cloud applications which are consumed by end-users. Deploying of cloud applications can be done in private, static, public, with the durability and flexibility to adapt the ultimate strategy of changing business requirements too in the ecosystem. This majorly includes cloud portability so that you are never locked in that situation. Which is the one of the most comprehensive integrated application and also scalable in financial management solution which is available for it. Oracle fusion financials cloud offers extensive support for global companies in a wide variety of industries. Oracle’s accounting and Oracle fusion financials cloud solution delivers full visibility of an enterprise’s financial position, by reducing the amount of time spent on managing accounts and also by allowing more time devoted to strategic decision making for solutions.

Oracle fusion financials cloud delivers an integrated approach to financial management and business processes through oracle fusion financial cloud applications in the software ecosystem. It basically transforms the information access systems through real-time intelligence which is natively built on the multi-database model. It offers one of the best parts of reporting techniques and as well as also provides scalable and integrated financial management solution for global applications through infrastructure support.

Oracle fusion financials cloud process the solutions to systems at anywhere anytime within the progress of information delivered through them. Generally, the course is important for any customers who are using oracle fusion financials cloud applications simultaneously basically it benefits them regarding oracle cloud application and front end deployments through real-time intelligence.

Oracle fusion financials cloud applications can be deployed and designed through following three core functions which are highlighted in the below-mentioned categories.

Public Cloud: It can be termed as software as a service where through deploying we can estimate virtual tenancy, backend database procedures, disaster recovery, how to control and manage central monitoring through client release updates.

Private Cloud: It can be termed as infrastructure and software as a service oriented benchmark Basically the advantages of this module is, here the client’s data centers will have more control, command, and visibility towards the information which is stored in database list which also pertaining to the oracle management architecture.

On-premise Cloud: We can determine basically, that oracle provides the software terminology where we will be installing on our data centers. But this concept is similar to private cloud data center offers except in the case of client’s data center.

Oracle Apps Training in Hyderabad

To facilitate big business processes, companies like Oracle Corporation have created a huge software terminology which is known in the category of ERP (Enterprise Resource Planning) as an Oracle Applications. When we come to think about it, Oracle Apps generally is not one of the huge software, instead of it, basically, it is a collection of software known as modules which are integrated and can talk to each other. Oracle Applications basically comprises the applications software or business software of the Oracle Corporation. So for learning Oracle Apps in today’s technology sector we provide a platform for a lot of training through our oracle apps training in Hyderabad.
The term oracle apps refer to the non-database and non-middleware parts. Oracle Applications training comprises of the applications software or business software of the Oracle Corporation.

The key business processes enabled by the Oracle Applications Training includes:
The Procure-to-Pay business process which flows basically involving activities such as procurement, purchasing, making payment to Suppliers and subsequent accounting.
As well as Order-to-Cash business process flow involves activities such as Customer Orders, Order fulfillment, receiving payment from Customers & subsequent accounting.

The Oracle application basically an E-Business Suite provides a set of financial applications used internationally in businesses. And for Oracle Corporation groups these applications into “suites”, which it defines assets of common, that are integrated applications designed to execute specific business processes basically you can learn through our oracle apps training center.
List of core components related to Oracle Apps training syllabus and course curriculum in Hyderabad:

Introduction to Oracle Applications Architecture
Report Development
Interface Development
XML Publisher
Discoverer Administration Edition
Form Development Process
Flex fields
Report Development
Discoverer User Edition
Oracle Applications are Unlimited, which is the Oracle’s commitment towards customer and through continuous investment and innovation in current applications offerings. Oracle Applications also empower the Modern Business in the Cloud and also mostly the customers through worldwide depends on Oracle’s application solutions services to achieve superior results growth through oracle apps training simultaneously. Oracle Apps is one of the comprehensive and standardized application platforms which offer a basic powerful combination of solutions of services and selection for enterprise business processes and IT community. Oracle E-Business Suite is one of the best standardized suite of software’s for integrated, global business applications which enables the firms to make the better decisions, to reduce costs, and also to increase performance as a part of Oracle’s Applications Unlimited strategy, where oracle apps previously called as oracle e-business suite. Oracle Applications means software that helps us to run our enterprise businesses such as based on Accounting, Humans Resource, or Financials. But whereas Oracle Applications Server is termed as the technology which majorly installs on the server applications, which integrates the other software’s to work together. Which can be called as Middleware? An impact can happen by molding and carve your technical skill set through our oracle apps training in Hyderabad.

Through oracle, we provide a real-time and placement oriented oracle apps training in Hyderabad. Basically, our oracle application course includes basic to advanced level and also our oracle apps course is designed to get the placement in good MNC companies in Hyderabad as quickly as possible, once you complete the Oracle apps training in Hyderabad. Generally, our oracle apps trainers are oracle application certified industry experts and also experienced working professionals with hands on real time experience with multiple Oracle Apps projects knowledge. We have designed and developed our oracle apps course curriculum and syllabus based on students requirement to achieve everyone’s career prospects. In our oracle apps training program in Hyderabad, you will basically learn Oracle Apps DBA, Oracle R12 Technical, Oracle HRMS, Oracle Apps Technical, oracle apps real time project as well as oracle applications training in Hyderabad.

Through our well-developed oracle apps training centers in Hyderabad, we have trained more than 90+ oracle apps students and professionals by providing a correct platform to them. Gradually oracle application course fee is valuable for many and also for tailor-made course fee which is based on the each student’s training requirements. Our oracle apps training in Hyderabad conducted on daytime classes, weekend training classes, evening batch classes and fast track training classes for students in a scheduled time with correct planning.

O2C Cycle

The O2C Cycle or Order to Cash process flow starts from entering an order with a standard good into the system. When you enter an order, the item is validated in inventory phase, the price is calculated for the purchased items using the pricing engine, also the availability of the items are checked and are reserved. Once all the required fields are entered on the header and the lines, you can book the order. When you click on the book order button, it checks if the order is eligible for booking or not. If eligible the order is booked and the header status changes to booked.

O2C Cycle

The next step is the pick release with which you move the goods from the sub-inventory to the staging area. The next step is to confirmation of shipment, to indicate that the items are loaded onto the carrier from the staging area. When you run Ship Confirm, the system decrements inventory and update sales order line status. This information is then transferred through the Auto Invoice to Account Receivables for invoicing. Then you can send the invoice to your customer for the items shipped and then perform the cash management and bank reconciliations.

In O2C Cycle  Order Management department receives the detailed information from the inventory application and price list information from the pricing application. Orders and returns can be entered manually or imported throughout an external source. Once in the system, the order is ready to be pick release and shipped if needed by the shipping application. It can then proceed through the Auto Invoice program for the account receivables application to be invoiced. All of the accounting information is transferred to the general ledger by the Inventory and account receivables applications.

In O2C Cycle the required fields to enter on the purchase order header are the customer name, number and order type which is generated based on the order type. Other values such as Ship-To Address, Bill-To Address, Shipping Method, and Price List default. The fields required to enter on the sales order lines are purchased Item and quantity. Again, based on defaulting rules and setups in pricing, shipping, and inventory, the other values would default on the purchase order line.


P2P Cycle

P2P cycle also called as Procure to pay cycle. First, you enter the Requisition for required product, then supplier sends a reply of requisitions or request for quotation. You can approve the quotation of a vendor after to record all data which is received from your suppliers such as terms and conditions, shipment details, and price breaks.P2P-Procure-to-Pay-cycle

Then you can go forward for purchase agreement which is of two types: one is blanket purchase agreement and other contract purchase agreement. You can use blanket purchase agreement to communicate to that vendor that are negotiating pricing before actually releasing firm purchases. It must have detailed data besides the header level information. A blanket purchase agreement contains lines for specific terms and conditions, quantity, promised date, need-by-date, and prices. You can create a contract purchase agreement with a vendor has to agree to terms and conditions and other goods, without entering into an agreement for specific goods or services. It can support competitive solicitation through the request for quotation process and then through the purchase releases because a contract purchase agreement has only header level information and no detailed information. Header level includes terms and conditions, currency supplier and a supplier website. You can also enter a purchase order for confirms to purchasing goods. Purchase order module has four types: Standard, Planned, Blanket, and Contract.

In P2P Cycle whenever you get goods or service that time you enter receipts in the system. There are five types of receipts: manual receipts, unordered item receipts, express receipts, cascade receipts, and substitute item receipts. That time accounting entry should be debited to inventory material cost and credited to clearing accounts payable.

In P2P Cycle whenever you get the invoice receipt from accounts department, it enters in the system that time accounting entries should be debited accounts payable clearing and credited to accounts payable. Then you can make a payment to a supplier that time accounting entries should be debited payable liability and credited to cash clearing account. After reconciliations between cash management and bank, account should be debited to cash clearing account and credited to bank account.

Oracle Fusion Financials Training in Ameerpet Hyderabad

Oracle fusion coaching ameerpet contact details

Oracle Fusion Financials is a complete set of oracle fusion applications which includes the suite as general ledger, cash management, accounts payables, accounts receivables, tax, expenses, and fixed assets. It is used to increase our financial business for future growth and decrease IT costs.

                Oracle Fusion Financials coaching in Ameerpet, Hyderabad is provided by our corporate real-time working experts on oracle fusion applications for over years. In our training program, we teach all modules on oracle fusion applications and implement the in real-time projects.

We offer in-depth training on all oracle fusion applications and its modules at Ameerpet, Hyderabad. Our training program will introduce all concepts in fusion financials. Through our training center, we have trained many students and they are placed in good jobs with hike payroll. We have daytime batch and evening batch classes in classroom training.

We provide the real-time and placement focused ORACLE FUSION FINANCIALS training in Ameerpet, Hyderabad. Our course structure includes from basic level to advanced level and is build to get the placements in MNC’s, once you complete your fusion financials certification training course. We have well-certified oracle experts and working professionals with hands-on real-time multiple oracle fusion projects.

We are the pioneers in classroom-based training and web-based training in Hyderabad and we are said to be leading trainers in all over the world from data technology. We have the best experts with excellent knowledge on oracle applications development, thus keeping them on the line between theoretical knowledge and real-time experience. We have a look on maintaining the batch size in classroom training to provide good interaction with them while teaching with each and everyone. We have more than ten years of real-time experience in training the students on oracle apps and having a dedicated vision for the students in placing them in MNC’s with satisfying payroll to lead their career. We offer the students with cost-effective training and train them in flexible timings.

We have designed our course content based on current industry standard and students requirement. We are equipped with good lab facilities and good infrastructure. We provide ORACLE FUSION FINANCIALS certification training path for students in Hyderabad, Ameerpet.


  • We have more than 10+ years of expertise in oracle fusion technologies
  • Has worked for many real-time oracle fusion projects
  • Trained and placed thousands of students in MNC companies
  • Have strong knowledge in theoretical and practical on oracle subject
  • We are certified professionals in ORACLE FUSION APPS
  • They are said to be leading trainers throughout the worldwide
  • There online training is appreciated across the globe for its way of teaching
  • They provide high-quality training on oracle fusion applications
  • Have self-paced videos and instance fusion access for practice

Oracle Fusion Financials Online Training:

Our online training program is designed to provide an effective learning experience for students and on-job professionals across all major locations in the world. Online Training will be conducted by our experienced IT professionals on oracle fusion applications and its suite.

In the online training program, we provide you with material on a related topic which are proof read and it is verified by our experts to make it simple and easily understandable.

Oracle Fusion Financials Classroom Training:

We provide classroom-based training on Oracle Fusion Financials in Ameerpet, Hyderabad. Our traditional classroom based training has been imparting quality teaching since 10 years for IT career students in the oracle fusion technology. In the classroom we even clarify the queries of the learners on any topic and also provide related examples for easy understanding. They focus on financial business area how to improve and expand their business in IT firms and lowering office costs.


Oracle Fusion Financials Training

Oracle Fusion Financials is a subset of OracleOracle fusion financials training phone numbers Fusion Applications, they are a group of services build to capture and analyze the financial information on a worldwide basis.

There are two types of offerings in Oracle Fusion Financials:

  • Oracle Fusion Financials includes a general ledger, accounts receivables, account payables, fixed asset tracking, expense management, tax management and cash management functionality.
  • Oracle Fusion Accounting Hub, which provides the reporting and integration platform to effectively drive a coexistence method with your present financial systems. It is designed to distribute in coexistence with E-Business Suite, JD Edwards, PeopleSoft, and other enterprise resource planning systems. The intent of financial applications is to provide a comprehensive financial management solution from start to end across the accounting process. It consists of streamlined and provides unified best in class capabilities and features.

Oracle Fusion Applications help you to change your business into a gen-x enterprise and are based on the following elements:

  • Adaptability of the native service-oriented structure
  • Productivity of the embedded business intelligence
  • Manageability of the implementation, construction, and deployment
  • Model ability of the enterprise-wide business processes

Oracle Fusion Financials provide features for:

  • Receivable and Collection functionality within the Order Fulfillment process
  • Fixed Asset accounting and reporting within the Asset Management process
  • Cash Management functionality within the Order Fulfillment process and Procurement process
  • Payable and Payment functionality within the Fusion Procurement process
  • Financial Control and Reporting including tax, expenses, sub-ledger accounting, general ledger, consolidation, and reporting functionally
  • Expenses management functionality within the Compensation Management process
  • Multi-GAAP compliance including approaches for concurrent compliance with corporate and national regulators
  • Currency compliance including capabilities for accounting in quantity and currencies and for translation to functional or reporting currencies as required in fulfillment of relevant principles within the International Financial Reporting Standards (IFRS) and the United States Generally Accepted Accounting Principles,(GAAP)

Oracle Fusion Financials Classroom-based Training:

From traditional learning, we used to follow classroom-based training for learning. We teach oracle fusion applications and its suite. Training in a classroom can clearly clarify the queries of the learners instantly with their experts. We have real-time experts in oracle fusion applications teaching. They support their students and encourage them to take part in live projects and discuss until they have a grip on the particular topic. Oracle fusion financials is a module of oracle fusion applications which is used to increase their financial business firms to get better results and lower office costs.

Oracle Fusion Financials Online Training:

Nowadays in updating technology, many students are enrolling for online training in various technical courses. The oracle fusion applications have more demand in present business organizations from R12 to fusion applications. As fusion financials is a complete set of financial management, they are used to improve and expand their business organization which reduces the office costs and get better results. Most of the students or on-job professionals who can’t attend their classroom based training in a particular subject they step towards online training classes which they can attend from their own remote places at any flexible time.

We offer a high-quality online training in oracle fusion applications and its modules. We have over ten years of real-time experience in oracle teaching and deliver to students with new techniques and simple methods for e-learning. We also provide self-paced videos and instance fusion access for practice on oracle fusion financial applications. We are said to be leading online trainers in data technology and are accepted through worldwide for its teaching style.

Online Training became fast growing because it can be accessed from anywhere at any time with affordable course fee. Oracle Fusion Financials Online Training had already taken by many users across all major areas of the globe to improve their financial business intelligence.