Slash Procurement Costs in R12 Procurement Process

Reduce procurement costs by cutting transaction overhead, controlling maverick purchasing, and realizing the entire value of your preferred supplier agreements.

Process Automation Lowers Transaction Costs – Transaction overhead accounts for a important share of the cost of procurement. Oracle iProcurement reduces the cost of thousands of procurement transactions by allowing the users to place thousands of orders for the products without costly intervention from purchasing professionals.

To help efficient processing, catalog content is maintained through a powerful online interface which generates real-time updates. This ensures the most up-to-date catalog information always exists to users when they browse in stores. Efficient and error-free transaction processing begins when vendors, buyers, and catalog administrators use powerful catalog maintenance they drive the real-time updates required to ensure accurate goods and pricing information. Once requisitions are approved, the intelligent workflow will automatically place the requested items on purchase orders and issue them to vendors.

Easy Single Point of Purchase Controls Maverick Purchasing – Maverick Purchasing is notoriously hard to manage because end users naturally route their purchases through the path of least resistance. But iProcurement is so convenient that it is actually easier for requesters to purchase through it than to go outside the system. By offering an easy-to-use single point of entry for all requisitions, IProcurement encourages requestors to use it every time. As former maverick spenders are drawn into using the system which guide their purchasing choices and captures detailed information on their purchasing.

Price Modeling and Compliance Realizes Preferred Supplier Savings – Pricing structures in dealer’s agreement can be so complex that savings from negotiated discounts unsuccessful in showing up correctly on purchase orders. iProcurement solves this issue with a formula-based engine which calculates the discounts based on complex price models. Pricing complexity is not shown from users, who simply see the discounted prices in their shopping carts.

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