Understanding the Oracle R12 Procurement Catalog and Catalog Schema

Oracle iProcurement and Purchasing have a single shared catalog data model which forms the basis of what can be more generally thought of as the procurement catalog which determines the various types of catalog content for your requesters can see and how that content is presented to them. The procurement catalog combines the features of previous catalog models and offers a number of significant capabilities and benefits as Catalogs are automatically and perpetually up-to-date and based on real-time data, Support for extensible base and category attributes to enhance the product data catalog. Oracle iProcurement users define base and category attributes for their specific requirements, and Support for price breaks based on shipping organization, quantity, and effective date range.

Understanding Catalog Schema – At a high level, the areas which define the catalog are catalog data and catalog schema.

Catalog data consist of products available for purchase. The associated prices for these items are also considered part of the catalog data.

Catalog schema is comprised of a combination of categories, category descriptors used to describe products in a particular category, and base descriptors which describe the product in the catalog.

The types of categories in the catalog that define the catalog’s hierarchy are:

  • Purchasing Item Categories, each product in the catalog must belong to a Purchasing Item Category which is recognized by many integrating Oracle Applications in addition to Oracle iProcurement.
  • Shopping Categories are used to group similar items for presentation to the iProcurement users and generally have names that are more shopper friendly than Purchasing Item Categories and are displayed significantly in many iProcurement pages to help requesters find what they are shopping for.
  • Browsing Categories is also known as navigation categories which define the category hierarchy which helps the requesters to browse for catalog items Browsing Categories can be either a parent or child to another category, but cannot contain any items.

The combination of categories and descriptors make up your catalog schema.

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